Dorm Room Essentials

September 08, 2014

School is officially back in session.  Your home is quiet and empty.... well for some at least!  If you're one of those that sent your daughter, sister, or maybe a niece off to college, right about now she is making new friends, hustling to class, and learning to live away from home for the first time.  Scary times for some, and others adapt like it's no biggie!  Sending her a care package with a few thoughtful gifts would brighten her day and let her know... hey you may be gone but not forgotten!! I always love receiving unexpected packages in the mail.  My mom recently came across a stack of letters I wrote to her when I was at summer camp and almost every single letter I asked her to send me candy! See... it started early for me! Here is a roundup of a essentials she will be happy to receive and her dorm mates will be jealous!

BKR ~ Scarf ~ Tote ~ Planner ~ Pen, stationary, punch ~ Converse ~ Starbucks 

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