How to transition your make up from summer to fall

September 09, 2014

I almost hate to say it.... But fall is here my friends!  It's a mixed emotion for some.  Sure, I love summer and all the fun it brings, but Fall.... that's a whole new level of fun! Crisp air and cool morning, leaves changing to the most beautiful colors of yellow, red, and orange.  Pumpkins and chunky sweaters!  The list could go on and on.  Today I want to share with you how to transition your makeup from summer to fall seamlessly.    
  Lets start at the top and work our way down.
Summer time is perfect for bright blonde hair, and if you are a brunette, your hair most likely lightened or even took an a bit of red... but for fall its time to tone that down sister!  Add a few low lights if your blonde, and for brunettes give your hair an all over color treatment matching your natural color to bring the faded or red tones back to normal and add a few highlights.  Maybe even consider a healthy trim... say over an inch!?  Trimming off the dry ends will give your hair bounce that it may be lacking due to all the sun, water, and chemicals your hair may have been exposed to over the course of the summer.  You will feel fresh for fall!       

 Gilded to Matte lids  Summer time is the time to let your lids shine and glisten with golden shimmery lids.  For fall try out a new brown and accent your eye with a bold cranberry.  My favorites are  Chanel Duo,   Bare Minerals, and Dior 5 color palette.  

Trading in your BB Cream for a creamy foundation  Summertime we opt for lighter coverage while still protecting our complexion.  For fall and cooler temperatures our completion starts longing for moisture in the dryer air.    Switch to a creamy foundation to hydrate your skin while still covering up any imperfections and dry patches.      

 Sun kissed to  Contouring   A bronzer in the summer is the perfect way to get that fresh sun kissed look that adds a shine to high lite your face.  For fall contour is the answer.  Switch up your bronzer for a more matte finish rather than a glistening glow and focus on contouring the face.   

 Pink lips to Creamy and Matte lips It's time to move the bright pinks and poppy hues lipsticks to the back of the drawer to make room for the shades of fall.  Swap out your colors for a few creamy, matted lips.  Try to stay away from anything with too much glisten or sparkle.  Fall lips are all about more muted.  Some of my picks: ChanelMac, and YSL.  


 So spill the beans... will you be switching up your makeup?

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