Black and Camel

November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans day.  There are many Veterans Day parades going on today to honor the service men who have fought for our freedom.  Today I am participating in the Leavenworth parade and  Brrrr is it a cold day today.  Yesterday would have been a better day with warmer temps so to say the least.... we are bundled up in layers! 

 I wore this outfit obviously when the weather was warmer.  Let's talk about color comfort zones.  I have mentioned before what some of my least favorites are... yellow and orange, while some of my best colors are pink and green, and everyone's favorite Black!  Your color comfort zone can make or break an outfit.  If I am wearing pink then chances are its going to be a great outfit.  Now don't think just because I am wearing the color everything is good with the world, no what I mean is that when I wear a color in my comfort zone I carry myself with greater confidence.  Now do you get it?  Try wearing a color out of your comfort zone and see how it makes you feel about yourself.  Not the same is it?  There are a few colors out of my zone that when paired up with something it works.  This scarf is clearly orange... and not my comfort color.  It is however a perfect fall color and paired with this camel sweater and dark jeans or black slacks it works for me.  So try to remember when stepping out of your comfort zone to do it in small accessories and pair it with colors you do feel comfortable in.  This is a winning outfit for a perfect fall day!

Slacks ~ Cardigan ~ Tank ~ Bag (vintage) ~ Shoes ~ Sunnies ~ Scarfs c/o ~ Bracelets

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