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November 19, 2014

I was dying for the weather to turn cool enough to justify pulling out my boots. Well it turned cold alright.  Many days not getting any warmer than 30 and at night dipping into the low teens.   I know come January I will be wishing it was sandal weather again.... we're never happy with the season are we?  Halloween is over and stores already have trees up for Christmas.... ummmm what happen to Thanksgiving... or 2014 for that matter?  

The holiday season seems to be in full swing with party's already and tons of decorating pics filling up my instagram feed.  (not judging in the least)  I think with the earlier than usual cold weather it makes us want to go all Christmas-ee!  Not to mention if you have travel plans and wont be home for the thanksgiving holiday, having your tree up already will just be one step closer to the holiday when you get home. (don't turn on the tree lights at least until thanksgiving eve).  

But seriously...who else is excited it's tunic, boots, and scarf season?  This girl that's who!!

Tunic (similar)~ Leggings ~ Boots ~ Bag (Similar) ~ Necklace ~ Watch ~ Sunnies ~ Earrings ~

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