Must Have Beauty Tools

November 19, 2015

Ok all you beauty babes.... this is for you! 

Pink Lip Compact   Three shades of pink for this pallet is all you will need to take you from day to night!

Brush Kit  Compact and colorful, what girl couldn't use a new set of brushes.

Mascara Guard   this fabulous little gadget protects your eye area from freshly applied mascara so it's not all over your face. You can use it under lower lashes  or above upper lashes.

Fabulips Bliss Massaging    Dry weather can mean dry lips.  This massager is designed for your lips to softly exfoliate your pout with a gentle rotation and massaging nubs to remove flakiness and dryness.

Charcoal Swabs    These cotton swabs aren't you your ordinary tips.  Use these charcoal swabs for a quick fix to your eyeliner, remove makeup in hard to reach places or touch up in spots.  They are dual ended and the black color shows highlighters, and luminizers better than a traditional white swab.

Beauty Spatula   Genius.  I know we have all squeezed our tubes of products to get ever last drop out and when its costly that important.  Well with these small little spatulas you never have to throw expensive product away.  Scoop out every last ounce.

EyeLash Curler   This little gadget is compact and easy to travel with.  Creating a long lasting curl with the easy of tucking it away for streamline storage. 

Silicone Brush Cleaner     Brush Cleaning Mat      Express Brush Cleaner    Keeping your makeup brushes clean is a must.  I found one for you no matter what your needs.   For traveling or the gal on the go the express cleaner is for you.  If you're more into a larger cleaning area then the cleaning mat is for you.  But no matter what you can't go wrong with the glove.  Just slip it on to your hand and swirl the bristles over the grooves.  It removes pigment and deep cleans without damaging your fibers.

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