Christmas Eve PJ's

December 10, 2015

I remember growing up and opening presents on Christmas morning was always a joy.  What isn't always a joy is looking through photos of you as a kid on Christmas morning and looking like a hot mess.  When I had kids I started the tradition of letting them open one gift Christmas eve.  It was always the same..... new PJ's for the morning.  Ha, I got away with them thinking it was something awesome for a few years; then they caught on to me.  I still carried that tradition on until my boys moved away and started their own families.  What warms my heart is they have now started the tradition with their boys.   

So today's post is about looking great for old Saint Nick on Christmas Morning!  Because lets face it..... we all want the instagram life right?! 

Piped Silk Nightshirt  /  Print Joggers  /  Lake PJS /  Heart Print PJ bottom /  Printed Flannel pants /  Thermal Pajamas

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