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May 17, 2016

Happy Tuesday. How was your weekend?  The weather was gorgeous again here.    One of my dear friends had her baby yesterday.  She literally left the office around 11am thinking she didn't feel well and with a bit of cramps, and at 4:30 she sent a text that she had him!  We are so excited and I'm going to hold that sweet baby boy today.   I have a pretty regular list of "reality shows" I like to watch.  There's the Housewives of OC, and BH, and let's not forget Vanderpump Rules.  I  wouldn't really say I have a favorite, and by no means do I plan my evenings around a show.  These days you can miss about three weeks and catch up on all of them in one siting the next time it's on.  

The real reason I have shared some of my guilty TV pleasures is because of this necklace. I first saw it on one of my shows.  I did a google search on the show and necklace she was wearing and not only found it, but she had received so much media attention for the necklace that one of the shops that carry her line offered a discount!  Designed Susan Shaw creates beautiful pieces of jewelry and I was so excited to find her line.  I linked to the store I purchased mine from.  I don't now if the discount is still available but if it is here ya go  JENN15.  There are so many pretty pieces of Susan Shaw's collection I want to add in addition to my necklace.  My white shirt is the perfect neutral to showcase not only my new necklace, but allows the vibrant colors in my paisley skirt to stand out.  A little pattern mixing with my leopard Clare V. sandrine, and it's a great spring outfit. 

Top  //  Paisley Skirt  //  Sunnies  //  Necklace  //  Bracelet  //  Sandals  //  Leopard bag  //  Watch  //  Lipstick  // 

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