Wednesday Wants

May 11, 2016

Wednesday wants are a little late today... but it's still Wednesday.  I attended an event last night and when I got home I just didn't have the energy to pull my list together!  Do you ever just get home and want to do nothing?  Yeah, that was me last night.  So this week's list has a few summer fun items and well as a staple item or two!  Loving tassels anyway I can get them, on the hem of this fun top or a pair of fun earrings.  Love them!  I love my slip silk pillowcase and swear by it.  Add a little Kiehl's midnight recovery and you are in for the best beauty sleep you can get.  I am loving the saddle tan this season and this bag is super cute.  I have been a fan of Ashley Pittman jewelry for some time and hope to add a few pieces of hers to my collection of bracelets. Honestly I would love any piece of Ashley Pittman jewelry.  Taking the best of both worlds this sandal is a comfy flat and has an ankle strap.  Soft pink lips please with this Dior lip glow, and finally this off the shoulder gingham top/tunic is adorable.  This image doesn't do it justice and it's on sale too!  Enjoy!

Tassel Hem top   //  Tassel Earrings  //  Slip Silk Pillow Case   //  Midnight Recovery   //  Savannah Saddlebag   //  Ashley Pittman Stack   //  Flat Sandals   //   Lip Glow  //  Gingham off shoulder tunic  On sale

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