Madewell Styling Event

July 10, 2012

So yesterday I shared with you some of the shoes that Madewell has to offer.  Well now I want to shop with you too!  I attended a Madewell styling event I wrote about in this post a while back and found several great items to add to my closet. Stripes and dots of course!  So I am excited for this Sunday's event and hope  that you can attend.  I can't say that I would pick you up from the airport if you flew in for the event, but I can tell you that I would go out after the event for a nightcap and well maybe even desert if you did fly in!  

Enjoy the first look of their new Fall 2012 lineup along with a shopping discount!  There will be giveaways, and sweet treats and drinks.  The Madewell stylist will be ready and waiting with their tips to share as well.

Regardless of how you arrive, I would love for you to attend! RSVP with Meggy so there will be plenty of snacks on hand, and pack your wallet, and your cards and get to Town Center for an evening of colorful shopping!  Hope to see you there!  

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