Maxi stripes

July 18, 2012

I never have posted outfit pics.   Well let me clarify that comment.  I have never posted a picture with more than say maybe an arm party, or an outfit from the midsection down on instagram sporting a new pair of sandals, or a great color combo of an outfit and arm party!  This is all about baby steps for me!! And no, I am not sunburned!

I recently purchased this dress from J Crew and have worn it already several times.  It is so comfortable and I love that it has pockets.  

 Dress/JCrew,(on sale) Necklace/Little Glamour c/o, Bracelet/Bfrend, Watch/Toy Watch, earrings/private collection, handbag/Louis Vuitton, Shoes/Tory Burch, (similar)

Obviously photos not by me!

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  1. I love that dress, and you look really good!

  2. Yayyy Lisa, an outfit pic, I love it!! First of many, I hope :) And I love that dress on you too (is that the one you got when we were all at the outlets?).

  3. yayy outfit pic!! i love stripes and i love maxis!!

  4. loving these stripes on you lady! so pretty :)


  5. CUTE dress and your side fishtail braid is perfect! x


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