Playa Del Carmen

July 23, 2012

The BF and I have taken many trips together.  Generally, ok always to a beach!  But there is one particular vaction we always talk about.  It was our trip to Playa Del Carmen.  We spent 8 days at Secrets Capri Riviera on the beautiful beach and only left the resort once.  We actually only left the pool for the ocean once as well.  It was spectacular.  It was all inclusive and adults only. No kids splashing in the pool or screaming at their siblings.   We spent the day traveling to arrive, and we were greeted with cool wash rags and champagne to complete our registration.  our room was ground level and we could walk right out to the pool no more than 50 feet away. This is my view from my patio.

This is the pool early in the morning as you cross over the arched bridge over the water.  I crossed this bridge every morning to reserve our chairs.  
See that first set of chairs?  Those are the chairs I reserved every morning for 7 straight days!  Pure bliss!  The pool steward would come out of the pool house every morning when you reserved your chairs and place an umbrella between them for you. 
Pool view in action from my chair. You would float right up to the bar and order your cocktail.  Now thats what I call service! We did alot of floating to the bar that week! 

My only trip to the actual ocean was to stroll down the beach.  Most vacationers stayed at the pool rather than lay on the beach.  And yes, that is a cocktail drink in my hand.  The bartender made me a frozen drink the second day called "The Dirty Monkey" and it was all we drank the rest of the trip. Bananas, vodka, chocolate syrup, cream and kahlua I think too!  They are dangerously good, and fattening!

This was my view over my shoulder from our lounge chairs.  The ocean was just steps away. 
This little fella had a hole that he lived in right there by the sidewalk.  We saw him every day sunning himself by his hole.  He was pretty good size. As I tried to get closer to take a picture he was uncomforable with me in his personal space and hissed at me.  Clearly the hissing was enough for me to respect his space!  

Here is the lower entrance to the lobby.There are 5 restaurants on the grounds to select your meals from.  If you wanted a midnight snack you could order room service at midnight!  We did almost every night. 

We would return to this location to vacation again, but there are so many other places I would want to visit for a first time rather repeating a location.  Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Or would you rather visit some place new?  I am open to suggestions for a new favorite spot to try so share your favorite beach.

All photos by Lisa, except the one of me!

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  1. Looks like a great spot to escape! Always looking for those. :)

  2. Beautiful! My mother has a time share in Playa del Carmen so we are fortunate enough to go every's always a treat. My husband has been to the Four Seasons Punta Mita and he says it is beyond luxurious.

  3. Looks amazing! The only time I Have been on a vacation and seen clear water was two years ago when Nick took me to Rivera Maya, Cancan! It was auhmazing! I can't wait to see clear water again & now you have me wanting to go back MEOW! ha


    1. Florida has some pretty clear water.... and nothing beats the Caribbean!

  4. I found your blog from the Secrets Capri facebook page. Our favorite vacation spot is Ocho Rios, Jamaica but, like you we want to try somewhere new now. Next year we are hoping to visit Mexico and plan on staying at Secrets Capri. Love your review and pictures. Any suggestions/tips about the resort and Mexico?!

    1. We only left the resort once and that was ok. There is plenty to do and they have great activities at different times of the day . There is also themed dinner parties too. You will be glad you stayed at a Secrets resort! We will for sure be going back. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I am headed there is 7 days for Christmas! Can't wait!


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