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May 17, 2013

So you may have noticed my absence this week. I started getting sick last weekend, and have been sick all week.  I have not felt like doing much of anything but feeling better, and working on my computer with a raging headache, and a miserable cough was not on my list of things to do.  I went to the doc and he put me on some antibiotics and some killer cough syrup, but it is still slow going for the mend! 

I purposely did not post a feature today for one very good reason.  You, and the feature, deserve my full attention when I post it and I would have felt like it was not my better work.  I hope you're not to disappointed!  I just moved it back a week, and next week it will be awesome!  I promise!!

So life lately has been overall good.  I finished my pillows for my den/office, and although I picked out the fabric for the window treatment, I hated it once I started and STILL do not have a window treatment.  I may just go ahead and reveal the room as is for now and maybe let you all suggest what I should do!?  I received this beautiful candy cane looking rose bush for Mother's day and it smells so good!  We planted it in a new flower bed on the side of the house so I can see it every time I come home!  I added these flats to my closet in nude and wait for it.... neon pink with leopard and can't wait to style them and share with you!

There are two of the cutest little girls that live directly across the street from me and the BF and I have adopted them sorta like our surrogate grand daughters!  You know, we get to draw in the driveway with chalk, chase them, find frogs at dusk with them, and overall enjoy their giggles and squeal.... that is until meltdown time! As much as I always wanted girls, I still stand by the fact that boys are easier!  They both had birthdays this past month and we celebrated in the only way a 4 year old knows how!  With pink cupcakes, Minnie Mouse, and lots of princess stuff.

Fresh flowers always brighten the day, and I am so glad to see the variety grow as more come into bloom.  And that last little diddy of a pic, is my current situation, meds, syrup, and cough drops. Here is hoping for a great weekend of recovery!  I am looking forward to be back to normal next week, if there is such a thing!

What are you doing this weekend? 

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