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May 28, 2013

It is always difficult to get back in the groove of things after a long weekend, but I will take a short week!  How was your weekend? Eventful or relaxing, whichever you desired I hope it was great!  Mine was a little of both.  I had plans of yard work and a little sun by way of gardening, but mother nature had other plans for some of the weekend.  It was a perfect blend of sun, wind, and a little storm through the course of the weekend.

This little fella had his first day in the yard with the sprinkler.  Really what happened was he got a hold of a little dirt and decided he would taste it, as he taste everything, and when his momma turned around with him riding in the wagon to see a dirty mouth and a clump of dirt in his hand, we quickly decided he need to be washed off.  I sat him in the yard and turned on the sprinkler head to wash him with my hand and he was so memorized by the water, he tried so hard to catch the water sprinkles!  It was so fun watching him play in the water.

I had a receipe for a new cocktail to try, so after he went home the BF I and got busy prepping for a few drinks for the holiday! So delish.  I slliced strawberries, and muddles them with a little sweet basil, mixed it with dragonberry rum and a splash of sprite!  Yum!!!
We enjoyed on afternoon on the Plaza eating and shoping, and I picked up some great sale items. We grilled out a little this weekend, but I did take advantage of not having to cook and we enjoyed Mexican one night, and a yummy fresh fruit crepe at FirstWatch on a rainy Memorial Day monday! Our neighbors purchased a new pontoon boat and we spent the better part of Monday on the boat......... in the driveway, but none the less, on the boat! Haha, it was pretty funny with 6 adults and several kids driveway boating!

How was your Memorial Day? 

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  1. Lisa it sounds like a perfect weekend. Your little grandson is adorable as always!

    I had a graduation Open House, a Barbecue, trip to Somerset Ridge a vineyard in Louisburg! Fun Time.

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