Tunic in Blue

May 30, 2013

Tunic Macys Last season / Pants Seven / Sandals Skemo similar / Necklace Max and Chloe / Cranium blue bracelet Bauble Bar (similar) / Watch Michele / Sunnies Chanel / Polish Essie Mint candy apple / assorted bracelets personal collection

The trees bloomed late this year but I am so glad they are still pretty to enjoy.  Gabi and I spotted this beauty as we headed to the lake for our little photo shoot and immediately knew we wanted to take advantage of this area!  Funny, when I look back at these pics my hand in always on my right hip!  I am going to try hard to mix it up in out next outfit pics! haha! 

I have my hair appointment tonight, and can. not. wait.!!  My bestie was in town last week and tried to convince me to A) cut about two inches, and B) add bangs!  OK, so the two inches isn't that scary, its hair after all, and it grows.  Cutting a little actually promotes growth!  But the whole "wispy" bangs is scary!  I have tried that before, and after about 10 days I want it out of my eyes!  Sure it will "soften" my face, and might even make me appear younger!  But do I really want bangs?  It's an awfully long grow out process if I hate them!  

So what would you do? Bangs, or leave it alone?  You better weigh in today because at 5 its go time at the salon! 

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  1. Do it! You'd look great with bangs!

  2. don't do it. you'll probably hate it. BUT if you love bangs, then go for it. i always regret them. ALWAYS.

  3. Great color on you Lisa!! I say no bangs unless they are really long to sweep to the side..

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    Art by Karena

  4. Try the bangs, it's always fun to try something new!

  5. love that tunic on you! great color and print!

    Sandy a la Mode


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