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May 10, 2012

See that quote?  The one below.........that would be me!!  Yes I made it to the Daily Wonder at C Wonder!  A few weeks back they asked for tweets of your favorite quote of your mother's up until Mother's day.   #allformomisms I tweeted three  that were significant to me.  C Wonder tweeted me last night to tell me I made it the the Daily Wonder on their web page. So hop  over to C Wonder and see my name in lights ( ok it is not really my name, rather my twitter name, and their are no lights) to check out my stardom and I know you will find something special for you and for mom!  

These are just a few of the things I have on my wish list! 

All images courtesy C Wonder

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  1. love the pink shoes, gold bracelet and striped dress!! it was soo great to meet you on thursday!

    1. Thanks Sandy. It was great to meet you as well. I won a gift certificate from C. Wonder So I am excited to chose from their site!


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