What a difference 20 years makes

May 07, 2012

Today is my middle son's birthday.  Happy Birthday Trevor!!

He is 20 today. No longer a teenager.   It seems like yesterday he was running home from kindergarten the morning I dropped him off and he had other plans for the day.  
You see he is a momma's boy.  He probably won't admit it but you ask anyone that knows him and they will tell you he is!  Life hasn't always been easy for him.  He had seperation anxiety when he was in kindergarten.  When I pulled into the  dropoff lane at the elementary school and he was greeted at the door by a teacher I pulled away.  He turned around with his hand on the doorknob to go in and as I drove out of sight he realized he didn't want to be there.  He took off running home.  We lived approximately 6 blocks from the school and in a neighborhood where we were all friendly thank heavens.  The teachers and school tried to catch him.  But not my little bolt of lightning.  No sir!  He was Forrest Gumpin it all the way home!!  Luckily the car behind me in drop off was my dear friend Cathie.  She witnessed the whole event and drove along with him until he safely reached the house.  Of all the days I don't go straight back home, rather my sister invited me over to help her do some decorating that day.  I was completely unaware of the whole incident!!

Lets back up to the part where Cathie followed him to my house.  No one was home and she was able to convience him that he needed to go back to school.  She loaded him up and took him back to school.  I was Vice President of the PTA at that time so I was in the school frequently.  After I meet with the staff we decided it was better for him If I kept a low profile at the school.  Needless to say I was not allowed to roam the school halls freely the rest of the year due to if he saw me he would completly fall apart! 

15 years later and only a little has changed.  He finished school with no other  incidents, graduated last year and move in to his own apartment.  He still is close to him Momma,  and can run like the wind, but he is taller than me by 10 inches and strong as an ox.   He is all grown up!   Happy birthday to my rocket man!!  (That is a whole other story) !!! 

Top photos by Lisa 
Middle photo by Rachel Amy Sievers Photography

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