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October 29, 2012

I went shopping this weekend.  Not in the fashion sense, but rather in healthy foods!  I made a visit to Trader Joe's and Whole foods for a little"inspiration" if you will for a better menu.  What I found was nothing shocking to me.  Eating healthy is expensive!! Well at least it would appear that way.  You can pay for it now, or pay for later in poor health. It's your choice when you want to pay for it!  

I did everything correctly!  I shopped when I wasn't hungry, no distractions, and with a little research to a few foods.  I made it home with lots of veggies, some nuts for salads, and a few new items to tryout.  I made kale chips again, and the BF even tried them, and I roasted brussels sprouts!  I intend to use more of my crock pot this fall for simple soups and stews loaded with veggies.  If you have a favorite receipe send it my way!

It was cold over the weekend and we had our annual halloween party with the neighbor/friends with one minor change.  We did not get to attend.  Remember last week when I said the BF was sick?  well that sick turned into pneumonia and my costumes changed into nurse nancy!  He is on the mend, but slowly.  I am hoping for a better week for him since his birthday is coming up! 

I hope all my friends on the East coast stay safe! 

 What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I really like Whole Foods because they do all natural stuff. I really like the flowers.

  2. I have loved Trader Joe's since I lived in San Diego. Yay we finally have the store here!
    It can be more expensive ; however I buy fewer and healthier items!

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