Winning in Green

October 09, 2012

Nothing goes better with a blonde than green!  That was the answer to the question The Pioneer woman posed for you to enter into her closet cleanout!  As you can see, I won!  Not only is this beauty in my closet, but she also autographed her cookbook and sent it to me as well!  Double treat! I wore this last week with the BF on an afternoon at the Plaza.    The weather was still warm and sunny so we decided to stop by Loose Park and take some photographs.  Have you won anything lately?  Do you consider yourself lucky?  I know I do!   Thanks Pioneer Woman.  I love my new Hale Bob top!  

There are some yummy recipes I cannot wait to try out in this cookbook! 

Photos by the BF

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  1. what an awesome prize! i heart ree!

  2. Hey, that's awesome you won that pretty top AND her cookbook! And it does look great on you :)

  3. Lisa a darling top, looks great on you! Aren't The Plaza and Loose Park wonderful this time of year!

    Art by Karena


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