October 03, 2012

I love October.  The crisp air, and smell of pumpkin spice candles burning.  I will be decorating my house this evening with a few of my favorite fall decorations!  I will share pics once I get it finished.   I also love that it is Oktoberfest in Tulsa time too!  My family is German and we love attending the festival for the entire 5 days!  I don't think I will be making it to Tulsa this year (again) for the polkas, dirndels, and brats, (I am not a beer drinker so that is something I don't miss ), but I would love to try! 

My youngest son finally got his braces off!  Hooray for my last pair of braces!  He is very proud of his smile, and so far is faithful to his retainer!  He is looking very handsome and grown up now that his mouth is not full of metal. Eeeeekk!  They grow up so fast!

My youngest grandson will be one month old tomorrow!  ONE MONTH! I cannot believe how fast this first month has gone by.  They spend every weekend at my house, so I have gotten lots of Mimi time with him!  I cannot wait until spring when my oldest son and his family will be stationed in Kansas so that I can see the older grandbabies as much too!  On a side note to this, I cannot believe I have a baby swing sitting in my great room either! 

Yesterday was my sister Donna's birthday.  She would have been 53.  I am thankful to have a great relationship with her daughters.  I think I see as much of her  in them as they see her in me!  It is a wonderful connection that keeps her close in my heart!

The BF's cousin will be in town from Florida this weekend, and we will be taking him out on the town!  Not sure exactly what that means for a couple of middle aged men and one girlfriend in tow..... but it should be interesting!  I will most likely be instagraming the evening!

I have already begun the christmas list of things to purchase for all the boys in my life!  I want to get a good start on buying them so I can stroll thru the month of December with my sanity!  Don't think I am crazy because I have started it!

I have a great month of collaborations lined up, and can't wait to share them with you! 

What's random in your world?

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