Riding Into Fall

October 01, 2012

Happy October!  I am excited for fall to finally arrive and all that it brings with it.  The Riding Boot!  Need I say more? Ok, I will.  I look forward to wearing my boots probably more than anything when fall arrives.  A new pair of brown riders are on my list of wants/need!  It's a fine line between a want, and a need!  My father was always quick to point out the difference to me and my sisters, as we felt everything fashion related is a need!! 

 I tried on a few pair this weekend, but did not find a pair I liked, yet!!  I have a black pair but I am looking to add a pair of brown!  Maybe even slightly distressed! I do know they will have to have a zipper.  I tried on several pair without and lets just say, you can't get them off easily sober, can you only imagine what it would be like with a few cocktails in you?  I don't neccesarily want to sleep in them!

1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6

So share your favorite pair with me and any tips you have on them! I know some brands come in larger calf sizes, but I really don't have meaty calves!  I guess the whole bend of the ankle is where my removal issues are!   I really do want to get a new pair soon!!

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