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January 01, 2013

Happy New Years!  
Happy one year blog anniversary!

  I am so very grateful for you. Little did I know that just one short year ago, I would have grown.   It has been a wonderful year of blogging and I have made so many new discoveries, memories, and friends.  You may not know this, but I did some research on blogging before I launched my own.  I read so many blogs, listening to their voice, their style, and their authentic self.  In the end, I found the blogs I originally were drawn to, did not keep me.   However, one of which I kept returning to was Jen, Made By Girl.  Her blog voice, style, and feel of authenticity kept me coming back. Her kind heart and spirit was reflected in her post.  She was a silent mentor for me and I thank her for that.    

 My very first blogger friend Jamie, South on Broadway and I started our blogs about the same time and stumbled upon each other at a mutual blog we both love, leaving comments.  We have learned alot together and here is to a better second year for us both!  I have skyped with friends on the East coast, Ashlyn, Let it be Beautiful, and the west coast, Lauren, LA in the Bay.  Both of these girls have been a great supporter and friend!  Thank you both for being in my life. 

 My journey of blogging has taken a few turns and discoveries about myself.  You probably would never even notice anything, but they are core ingredients to me. A few of my favorite post are where I share my love of painting A Union Jack, Stripes, and of course the Gray not Blue fiasco.  There was my first series in which I feature a different artist or designer each Friday here, and my first collaboration here.    My post about my vacation to Playa Del Carmen was featured on the Secrets Capri website.  I shared many DIY and my dip dye post here, and here were both big hits.  

I reached out to a local KC blogger group of girls last February in hopes of meeting a few fellow gals who love fashion, blogging, and shopping as much as I do.  Little did I know that some of these girls would be such good friends in such a short time. 

Another thank you, to Christin, With a CH, who doesn't even realize it, but she was a wonderful voice of truth.  She post about keeping it real and I love her honest, sometimes brutal, to some, point of view.  She has a witty blog, and I love her personality.  She reminds me so much of a younger version of myself! (I have been told many a time that I am brutally honest)  Her post, several of them about blogging for yourself, is what I love.  Thanks Christin, and next time your in KC we are having cocktails for sure!

I have named only a few of my friends and personally thanked those who have guided or touched me, but I thank each of my blogger friends.  I wouldn't be here a year later if I didn't truly love blogging. It has been the most trying year in my personal life, and yet so rewarding in my blog and all that it brings. Thank you for reading, following, tweeting with me, and most of all allowing a friendship to grow from behind a keyboard, and with some in person.  I truly appreciate you!

 I owe my biggest thank you to my family.  My sons and BF have had to endure alot of outfit pics, my endless hours at my computer, waiting to eat or drink so I can take a picture of it first, and  all the events I have attended.  Here is to another fabulous year!! 

So I raise my glass and toast to a new year, new discoveries, and new friends.  Thank you  for all your love and support, and joining me on this journey!  xo

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  1. Lisa it really is amazing what blogging brings to us and our lives. The next time your Kansas City Group gets together please let me know. I would love to join in!

    Art by Karena

  2. You know, it's not nice to make people cry on their first day back to work in over a week, Lisa!


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