January 16, 2013

If you recognize these, then you know all to well what they go to.  These are pods.  and they go with this! 

My sweet, sweet boys, gave me a Nespresso Citiz & Milk for christmas. and I love it!  I had my eye on this for a while, and I am so glad they remembered!   It was such a surprise to open this christmas morning.  The boys were excited as I was!!!  The machine comes with an assortment of 16 coffees for you to try out with your machine.  It is a nice way to sample before you invest in a sleeve of pods.   We samples the flavors, and carefully chose what were our favorites.  My machine also came with a Nespresso club credit of $100 so my first few orders are part of my gift as well! Woohoo!!  

It is so simple to make.  This is the frother.  It will warm your milk, or froth your milk, depending on what you prefer.  You simply fill it with milk to the line, and press the button, and wait.  This takes approximately 60 seconds. 

 Then you insert a pod of the flavor of your choice.  Decide if you would rather have a shot of expresso, or a lungo, and then sweet goodness flows from the machine! Steaming hot aroma of pure goodness!  

It is such a treat to wake up and make a fresh latte in my kitchen, and in the evenings? well, we are enjoying the decaf and a little extra added to it!!!  I prefer the amaretto with a little fresh whipped cream on top! 


If you are a coffee lover, you should definitely check out the entire line of Nespresso machine and add one to your kitchen.  It is wonderful!!  Remember when I posted about the challenge and I mentioned my machine and how it was helping out? If you didn't read it, you should check it out here

Oh, and all the pictures of my new machine I took with my new 50mm 1.4 lens I got from my parents for christmas!  Love it! 

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