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January 21, 2013

Happy Monday friends!  How was your weekend?  I have to admit I wasn't too sure how good it was going to be after seeing a few true colors of a friend come out last week.  It was sad!  But I choose to move on, and had a great weekend!  I didn't plan on seeing three movies. yes three, but they were all good!  Actually two were great, and one was ok!  Friday we saw Zero Dark Thirty!  I wasn't thrilled about it at first, and even had to leave during the torture scene, but it turned out to be very powerful. 

 Saturday evening we ended up of all things watching This is 40!  Funny? Yes!  Hilarious? No! A few times down right stupid.  Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy stupid humor in movies, (Napolean Dynamite) but there was something about it that seem as if they were pushing too hard.  Like rolling every single 40 joke, mishap, and things that could go wrong or happen at 40, rolled into 90 minutes.  But it was stupid humor! Glad I saw it, but wouldn't highly recommend it.

Ok, so Sunday's Movie was Argo!  Fan..tast...ic!  I loved it!  I think the element that I liked the most was that I could relate to everything.  I remembered the hostage situation when it really happened (aging myself here).  Ben Afleck Did a great job!  I would highly recommend this movie. 

Speaking of 40 humor, the grandbaby was over this weekend, they actually come every weekend to stay and I love the quality time with them all, but my back, and calves, and arms are super sore.  All that on the floor, off the floor, and up and down the stairs, bending over picking up a growing boy is making me use muscle groups that are not use to this!  I will chalk it up to pre spring workout for me! I see a beach in my future and that means working out!

How was your weekend?  Seen any good movies lately?

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