The Measuring Stick

January 10, 2013

Life isn't fair!  how many times have we heard that or said it?  Too many to count I'm sure.  But truth be told, its more fair than we realize.  You see life is about how you  see it. Your perception is your reality.  There are so many bloggers that portray a grand life that it could really bring another blogger down.  I have seen it several times.  But let me stop you there.

What stick are you measuring yourself with?  Theirs?  Then you are selling yourself short.  You see, their stick isn't your life experiences, adventures, or even drama!  eeeekk such an ugly word!!!    You cannot compare yourself to their pictures of a happy go lucky, shop till they drop life.  They have bad days, they have bills, and they have heartache.  They just don't post it! 

I am older than lots of bloggers, heck I even have kids older than some, and probably smack dab in the middle of another section of bloggers that I am unaware of that I don't have anything in common with!!  I see the outfit pics of the $700+ shoes, and the $3000 handbags, in mulitples mind you, and the endless stream of new articles of clothings they post on a weekly basis.  But at my age (I like to refer to it as wisdom thank you) I do not have blog envy, or outfit envy.  Oh sure, I would love to have a few of these lovelies, and one item is actually on my list to acquire, but to be envyous is selling my self short of what I DO have.  (Here is where the measuring stick comes in to play).  

Breaking it down for you is simple.  Most of these girls have rent, not mortgages, they ride public transportation (due to no need for a car) and if they have an automobile, is it from college still?  Their total square footage of living space would fit in my great room and kitchen (maybe).  They may still be on their parents health insurance plan, and hardly none, if any have kids!!!!  Don't even get me started on that expense.  So are you beginning to see the measuring stick?  I feel blessed to be where am I today, and to have the experiences that I have gathered along the way.  I wouldn't be who I am without them, yes, even the bad ones!

In the end, its all about who you are as a person and what YOU bring to the table. Some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, or end.  Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing whats going to happen next..... Delicious ambiguity!! 

I don't shop the latest every week, or even every month sometimes.  I shop from within my closet alot, and add a few new items to incorporate the latest trends, but never going broke.  An investment piece is just that, nothing to trendy or it is wasted money.  Next time you click open your favorite fashion bloggers post and she is dressed to the nines, go shop in your own closet and I bet you can duplicate the outfit style on a budget.  Pick up a few layering, or styling tips from what she did, and use her as a stylist rather than someone to be green of! I love to repurpose an item by seeing how someone else wore it differently!

  Remember when I posted I was embracing 2013?  Well this is an embrace moment.  I did not write this for any particular reason other than it felt good to share with you.  I hear so many times of girls venting about others that have what appears to be such a grand life, and it breaks my heart that they don't see what is truly theirs in front of them. Wear this years color of green, don't be the color!  Feel free to leave any comments or questions. 

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  1. Thanks so much for this beautiful post, Lisa! I loved every word, and it rings true for all of us! We get so caught up in the day to day drivel that it's easy to forget all that we should be thankful for! Happy Thursday!


    1. Thanks so much Lyndsey. It was just something I had on my heart I wanted to share!


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