Baby Blues

June 27, 2013

Oh Thursday, you are such a welcome day after the day I had yesterday.  It was one long line of messes.  The day started with a broken nail, and my nail gal is on vacation until next Tuesday, ugh!!  Then, the computer program I was working in kept erroring me out at the very last entry page of a multi page form, not once, but four times.  Everyone is super busy, and super stressed at my office, myself included, waiting on a big contract to take effect next week.  Deadlines are mandatory and we will celebrate our successes when its behind us.   I don't know if the super moon, or full moon, or just plain old somethings in the air, but I have been in the weirdest mood the past week, and almost feel the need to nest.  I wake up ready to clean, purge, get rid of, organize, you name it its on the list of needs!  Now generally, nesting is what a pregnant woman does right before she gives birth, and since I am not giving birth ever again, I chalk it up to the moon!  I walk into my closet, and fell the overwhelming urge to just get rid of so much, but then I am paralized with the reality of replacing it all would be a task. 

 So, I have decided to carefully make judgements on the pieces that are in danger of being cut, and make the decision to rid myself of the excess, and replace them with a few new items that will be versatile in many outfits!  That is something I am not good at.  I am all about selection, and when I like something, I tend to want it in several colors.  WIsh me luck on the closet cleaning process.  I will not however at this time be addressing shoes.  That my dears, is something I will save for another day! I have been on a spending freeze for a few months now, and it is killing me.. Maybe thats the bad mood, and need to purge!  

This baby blue number was a recent score (the last purchase before the freeze) from Madewell on sale and it is on repeat for sure at the office. I love the weight of the sweater, and the bright blue is a great color on me! I layered it with a thin tank, and added white bracelets and voile!  perfect casual outfit!  What does your casual outfit consist of? 

Sweater (similar on sale)  Tank  Pants  Sandals (last season but these are cute here)   White Bracelet  Bangles  

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