June 13, 2013

This has got to be the greatest addition to any home bar that I have ever seen.  The Corkcicle is a fabulous invention! I am giddy with excitement to share this with you.  I loved mine so much, I gave one to my sister for her birthday last month! 

 With a variety of colors to choose from, there is one for every imaginable style!  Corcicle sent me a blue one to review.  I loved it so much I have now added a pink (of course) to my bar!

So it is rather simple.  You chill your Corkcicle, then select your wine, red or white, and pour a taste.  Replace the cork from the bottle with your chilled Corkcicle and all the while your enjoying your glass of wine, the Corkcicle is keeping your bottle the perfect drinking temperature.  Pretty cool huh?   See that cicle down the middle of my wine? Yup, that's the Corkcicle just chillin' away! 

I love that you're not over chilling the bottle in a messy wine chiller, and it not left on the counter to drop in temperature either.  And for the red wine drinkers? It chills it just enough to bring out the full flavors and body of the grapes.  Yes, reds need to be slightly above room temperature! The cool part to this also is that you are able to leave the kitchen, or even the house for the yard, patio or driveway with your bottle and it will stay chilled with out you having to make trips back to the fridge! 

So you're  a beer drinker you say? Well they have you covered there as well, check out the Chillsner.  

I am not kidding when I say this is a perfect accessory! You need to add this to your bar, or actually your freezer,  and you will be one happy vino drinker! 

**Corkcicle sent me a corkcicle to review.  All opinions and suggestions are 100% mine.  I would never promote to you my friends a product I did not stand behind completely! 

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