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June 03, 2013

My weekend was spent celebrating life and love!  My niece got married Saturday, so the BF and fam traveled to Tulsa to celebrate this wonderful occasion with my family.  I first introduced you to her here, and have mentioned her several times visiting KC.  She recently started her own blog, 4 Kids 2 Cities with Anna, sharing their adventures as moms and life of younger kiddos!  You should go follow them if you have young kids; the girls are really excited to be starting this adventure together.
Ok, back to the weekend, it was filled with warm weather, family love, and a little late night dancing!!  It is always so fun to get all my sisters and cousins together.  It seems we have had several occasions lately to gather and it is always a great time!  Home for me is Tulsa.  I lived there my entire life until moving to Kansas 8 years ago, so it was fitting for me to wear my home tee for the road trip! If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw my weekend unfold!

Even for a one night stay, I tend to need several bags.  Yes, I am a over packer, and I don't care, but put me on a plain with baggage fees, and I am a super compact packer!  The weather was beautiful on the trip down and back, and we even got caught up in a carnival caravan!! haha!

A glimpse into the evening!  My first cocktail of the evening, My beautiful niece Rachel, who is now planning her wedding that I can not wait to visit Minnesota and attend, and the lovely Bride, Katie, and me!

A rare sighting on this little blog, the BF and myself!  And that other handsome fella is the proud groom! I actually in a roundabout way introduced them to each other many years ago when they were both in high school!  They have been friends ever since, and their love grew from that friendship! There is a little more to the story, but we are gonna just stick to this version!!
It was a quick trip down, and back, and I really didn't have but half of Sunday to spend at home tending to my chores, but I have a heart full of love, and memories that far outweigh the list of things still waiting for me to get to around my house! I will just have to make the most of every evening this week to make up for being gone!

What did you do this weekend?

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