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June 25, 2013

My niece got married earlier this month, and I traveled home to help celebrate her day!  She was a gorgeous bride, and I couldn't be happier for her. 

My other niece Rachel, pictured her with me and Katie, is also getting married!  Only her wedding will be a trip up north to Minnesota! I can't wait for another family wedding!  I am from a large family, #5 of 6 kids!  and my mom was one of 6 kids as well.  So you can Imagine there are several cousins, and second cousins. Some of my cousins are actually the age of my kids, so these kids have grown up with a tight knit family, with great family get togethers, and always with a house full of kids the same ages!  

 I am a sap at weddings. I get all emotional, and lovie dovie.  I almost always, OK, always, cry at weddings!  They can be perfect strangers to me and I still am going to cry! Its just so romantic to me, and I am a hopeless romantic for sure. I have always said, I am a happily single in a relationship girl.  Don't get me wrong, I am not against marriage, I did it once, and would do it again if we decide ever that it is what we want! The only thing I can tell you is that it would be a destination wedding if it ever happens for me again! But for now, I am happy where I am! 

So lets get back to the outfit of the evening.  I wanted to be comfortable and stylish.  I recently purchased this maxi and since it as the only solid color maxi I own that is not strapless, or backless, it was the winner.  I added this scarf for a pop of color and as a little cleavage cover for a family wedding.  The dress does have a little plunge, but I have worn it without a scarf and it was fine. This dress will definitely be in heavy rotation!  

                  Dress  Scarf   Clutch c/o   Cuff c/o   Druzy wrap c/o   Bangle c/o  

Sometimes the accessories make the outfit,and this was one of those occasions.  Besides the colorful scarf, I dressed my evening up with my fabulous Me Char Edith clutch.  It is the first hinged clutch I own and everybody swooned over my bag!  The rich green, and the black band of leather with the gold hinge and clasp made selecting my jewelry for the evening a snap.  I reached for a few gold favorites, my Rustic Cuff inspiration cuff, the gorgeous Nina Nguyen druzy wrap, and of course what would a wedding be without a little love!  My Claudia Rowe love bangle

A perfect outfit for  a perfect evening!

The BF took this picture before we left for the wedding in my parents back yard.  My mom has the best backyard!  I took a little stroll around the yard and will share her green thumb with you!  

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  1. Oh you look so pretty in the maxi! I have a black maxi too that I'll have to try wearing with a colorful scarf :)

    The Tiny Heart


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