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August 08, 2013

Completely forgot about these pictures that were from an event over a month ago!  Life has gotten way too busy apparently around my house.  If you haven't noticed by now, I am a huge Ann Taylor fan.  I have shopped Ann Taylor for many years and love the way everything fits. Very true to size, and so stylish for business wear.  This cute little skirt caught my eye with the peplum hem, well and the fact that its black and white and just the right amount of stretch!  Gotta love stretch!    

I am trying to mix and match from within my closet without adding anything new just yet.  I am hoping it will help me eliminate items that are not making rotation on a semi regular basis! This little short sleeve cardigan I have had for at least 5 years and is perfect for layering with tanks.  Its a keeper!! My blogger friend Jamie is doing a 30x30 remix on her blog and I think it may be helpful and maybe I can pick up a few ideas from her!!  

Do you shop within your own closet to see what maybe got lost?  I have stumbled upon several things I had forgotten about just by exploring my own closet!  Does that mean I have too many clothes!?!!

Skirt Ann Taylor ~ Tank Ann Taylor ~ Sweater WHBM (old) ~ Bracelet Fine and Funky c/o ~

Oh, and this is just me and Bill Self.  Head coach for Kansas University Basketball.   Yes he is that tall and I am that short!  Grainy instagram pic, yes. But none the less a pic of me and Bill!

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  1. Lisa you look great in that outfit and the skirt is a bomb! Love it. Like seeing you with Bill Self as well!

    Designer Barry Dixon Feature

  2. Yes, yes it does. LOL!
    Love the balloon pics Lisa!

  3. Beautiful! I think that this is one of the best posts you’ve ever published. Keep going! ;)


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