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August 15, 2013

What better way to spend hump day then outside on a gorgeous day at the baseball stadium! One of our  vendors at the office had ticket to the Royals game and we were originally scheduled to go in May.  Well, the day of our game it snowed!  Yes, snowed in may.  Only in Kansas!  Yesterday was the reschedule of the Royals vs. the Marlins and the day was perfect! 

We had dugout suite tickets, 80 degree weather, a fun group of girls from the office, and a delicious lunch.  They were even kind enough to accommodate Jenni and I with veggie burgers since we are not meat eaters. 

Summertime is almost over, and I will be sad to see it pass.  I have alway been a summer girl, and love to spend my time in the sun, at the pool, and generally just outside.  There is something different to fall arrival this year.  Maybe the cooler temperatures we have been having is hurrying it along, but whatever it is I actually am excited to step into fall.  

I started browsing pinterest for fall decorating ideas, and can't wait to get started on a few projects!  On another note, my baby starts school today.  Day one of his junior year.  I can't believe it is here.  So much happens in your junior year to prepare you for the final ride of this phase of life.  I hope he really stops and embraces these last years as a kid.  They always want to grow up so fast, then life shows them how hard it really is to be a grown up and there is no back button!  

It's Thursday, and that means a fun feature tomorrow for you! 

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