Fancy Pants

August 22, 2013

These Ann Taylor fancy pants are one of my faves right now.  They are deep navy and I love all the possibilities you can coordinate with them.  You know I have talked about the no denim policy in my office, so I try to incorporate denim when ever I am out of the office.  I wore this combo to day one of Go Blog Social.  I have since worn them to the office, but switched up the denim for a white cardigan.  Not the same punch this outfit has, but hey, If I could change the denim rule at the office, I would!!! 

Oh yeah, I popped my color!  So 80ish! 

Pants Ann Taylor (on sale)  ~ Tank Ann Taylor (on sale)  ~ Jean Jacket (Old) ~ Bracelet J Crew ( no longer available) ~ Sandals Skemo (Similar) Pearls My collection ~ Monogram necklace Max and Chloe 

As long as I can remember I have been a fan of printed pants!  I once had a pair I took to Vegas and all I can remember is that I felt like I matched the carpet!!  Those were some busy britches!! Whats your favorite pair of printed pants? Or do you prefer solids?

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  1. I have some leopard print pants, I think Jones New York Signature. Love them for something fun! Lisa, You look great;the pant looks so comfortable, love the print.

    Feature: Artist Anne Harwell


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