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August 30, 2013

I am so excited to share this review with you!  I have been patiently waiting to take pictures of my little guy in different stages of his little world in his fabulous Stokke Tripp Trapp chair!  My grandsons are stair stepped in age from just turning one, to five!  The versatility and the unique design of the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair was a perfect combination for my house!  I started using my Tripp Trapp chair as soon as it arrived.  My youngest little guy was just old enough to need a highchair.  

As he grew, the chair grew with him.  Oh and did I mention it pulls right up to your table?  Same height and brings them closer to the rest of the family meal!  Awesome feature!  But what I really like about the Tripp Trapp is with the different ages of my grandsons the chair will work for all three!  The baby set detaches from the chair making it a safe stool for my 2 1/2 year old grandson. The shoulder straps keeps the boys safely in their chair.  And for my oldest who is 5 it's a perfect seat with a properly adjusted foot rest.  No dangling feet and better support.   I told you it was awesome!  I love how it grows with them.  When I no longer am in need of a high chair it is an addition for any age to the table.

So let me bullet point my perks to the Tripp Trapp Chair

  • Safety shoulder straps
  • Pulls directly to the table keeping the kids at the table instead of removed by a tray 
  • Adjust to the age and size of your baby/toddler/little boy
  • Stylish.  I choose the dark mahogany with the dot washable seat cover in black and brown
  • Ergonomically correct for little legs and feet to rest
  • A true investment as it becomes a chair for an adult

The list can go on, but these were my top perks!

If you are in the market for a good highchair and you really want something that will look good and be functional I truly think this is the chair for you.  It is an investment, I won't lie, but think of how long it will be in your kitchen and you won't have to worry with large tray high chairs, and boosters for chairs when they move to the table!  I did all that with my sons, and I am glad to have this for my grandsons! 

Stokke is a Norwegian Company located in the northwestern part of Norway.  They have worldwide distribution through selected retails, so easy to find, and easy to order right from their site!   Established in 1932, The Stokke family has owned the company from the beginning.  SIne 2006, they have focused exclusively on children's furniture.  They produce a wide range of furniture and I love the round crib, to their strollers that not only bring the height of the baby up, but turns them around for you to see them too! 

I wish I had know of Stokke when I was raising my boys, but I am very glad to know of them for my grandson's.   

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  1. The chair is fab but the little guy? Holy CUTENESS!! You are blessed. xo


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