10 makeup rules for woman over 40

January 05, 2016

Makeup can be tricky when you are young and then with practice, you hopefully become pretty good at it.  Then life happened and gravity happens and next thing you know what you thought was still working for you beauty wise was actually adding age to your face. 

The way you apply your makeup in your 20's and the rules you use to make your face appear fresh and rested and creating a more radiant look, cannot be the same as the ones you use when you reach 40 or even 50+. Each age has its particularities and by adapting according you will accentuate your beauty rather than add age to your face. 

Following a few basic and common sense rules you can highlight your beauty.  Remember the cardinal rule..... less is more especially when it comes to makeup.  Your skin looses some elasticity as we age and that creates a bit of sagging and wrinkles but that doesn't mean you can't accentuate your beauty.   Hey I don't create the facts, just sharing them. 


Here are the most common and basic rules or advices for ladies over 40 who want to improve their makeup application process correctly. I'm listing them in order of what I feel is most important to begin changing to improve your routine.  
  • Dark Eyeliner - Don't use it anymore.  Not only will dark liners make your eyes appear smaller, it makes you look tired and aged.  Opt for a chocolate brown if you still want to stay dark without using black. A nice navy or green is a good choice as well. 
  • Under Eye Lining - Only line the top eyelid.  By lining both the top and bottom is closes up the eye and highlights your under eye wrinkles.  You want to brighten your eyes and you will by choosing to not line under the eye.
  • Dark Lipstick - As we age our lips thin naturally.  You may have been the queen of a great dark lip in your 20's or 30's  but all it will do for you know is add a few years and enhance fine lines.  Experiment with what is the best shade for you and try to stay in the softer pinks, peaches or nudes.  These are my favorites here and here
  • Concealer - Check to make sure your under eye concealer is still the correct color choice for your dark circles.  Over time your under eyes will darken so you will want to adjust your concealer to compensate.  Make sure you are using a cream concealer and moisturizing well under your eyes.  Dry under eyes will enhance fine lines.
  • Moisturize - Eye cream is a must.  Don't skip this step in your beauty routine.  I swear by this cream.  

  • Foundations - I started using this Laura Mercier foundation last spring and love it.  It is light and barely there.  Perfect for the days I don't want a lot of fuss; pool days, and running errands, but for the other days when I want to apply a full face of makeup I use this Chanel foundation.  I love how light and smooth it goes on.  Both of these foundations have SPF too. 
  • Natural Blush - When I say glowing I don't mean radiating.  A natural blush color is what you are wanting.  Your blush should be softer and appear more natural rather than applied.  Age increases the red pigments in our face so again play around with colors and avoid reds, browns, and brighter pinks.
  • Eyelashes - If you are using black it's time to switch it up.  Opt for a dark brown and remember, only apply a small amount to your lower eye lashes.  You are going for a barely there look on the lower ones.
  • Eyebrows - Make sure you are working with a good natural shape.  If they are over plucked ( gosh I hope not) let them grow back in.  Fill in any bare or thin spots with a great pencil  a shade or two darker than your hair color. I have tried several brands and found this one works great for me and applies so gently.
  • Wet Lines also called Tight lines - If you have no idea what I am talking about let me explain.  The inner lid of your eyes is called your wet line.  This is the area of your eyelid that actually against your eyes.  You have a upper wet line and a lower wet line.  Adding eye liner to your upper lid will open up your eyes.  Adding a neutral or cream color to your lower wet line will eliminate any red from tired eyes and also opens up your eyes.  A note:  If you wear contacts it may irritate your eyes.  Also it takes practice.  I use this pencil on my lower wet line and love it on days my eyes are looking tired.

    Do you have any tips to share? 

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