Tips for keeping your clothes looking new

January 04, 2016

Investing in quality items is something I have talked about here and here.  Your style is reflected in what you wear and how you wear it, but style is just as much a part how you take care of your clothes when you aren't wearing them.  There are many things you can do to insure your clothes last longer and stay in the best shape possible by proper care. 

Here are a few of my favorite ways for taking better care of my clothes.  You have heard the saying " Wash, wear, repeat", well that's true in some cases but for some of your items you can skip a wash or two..... I know I said skip a wash!

Cold Water and Delicate Cycle  Wash your clothes in cold water and/or on a delicate cycle.  Cold water not only minimizes shrinking and wrinkles, it is easier on your clothes and better at not fading your colors.  A regular cycle agitates faster breaking down the fibers and in essence adding wear to your clothes just by cleaning them; making them look older quicker.

Hang vs. Heat  This is pretty much a no brainer.  If you can hang your clothes then do it!  Think about your hair and the damage too much heat can do to it.  The same holds true for your clothes.  Heat fades darker clothing items faster so they will loose the rich look if you opt to dry them.


Steam for sure. I live for my steamer.  I own this one and love it.  It is an investment that not only pays for itself, it also helps maintain the value in your clothes.  I can't remember the last time I ironed anything.  Steaming is easier on your clothes and definitely a must for delicates.  I will say however a word to the wise: I have burned my knuckles and fingertips so may times with my steamer so be careful.

Inside Out is always best.  Turn your garments inside out to help keep colors from bleeding and always zip things up, button the buttons, and secure any Velcro pockets to protect the other garments from snags or tears during the wash. 

A little bounce goes along way.  For your items that do make it to the dryer, be sure to add a fabric softener.  Not only does it  make your items smell good it helps with static and pilling.


Folding up.  Knits and cottons are best folded and rayon, acrylics, and linen is best on hangers.  I love these velvet hangers for all my garments that hang. 

Do you have any tips to share with how you keep your clothes looking fresh? 

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