Wednesday Wants

January 20, 2016

This weeks edition of Wednesday wants is about as pretty as you could want.  We had weather move in yesterday afternoon (and by weather I mean freezing rain and ice) and dreaming of soft spring blush colors is a definite mood lifter.  This blush turtleneck you could wear now all cozy with a scarf for the colder temperatures  and would carry you right into spring.  Okay, these blush wedges... with the tassels, and the beaded strap.... gorgeous!  Target's new line is so fresh and inviting, not to mention flying off the shelves as usual.  I was lucky and able to picked up this faux Mongolian fur pillow at my Target and it was the last one they had.  It is still available online and you should seriously get it.  I have a genuine Mongolian fur pillow in my office you can see here, and the quality of this faux blush Mongolian fur is so close to real it's difficult to tell it's faux.  The final favorite this week is this blush skirt.  It resembles a skater skirt but lays softly against you instead of flaring out like most skater skirts. Adorable!  

Wedge Tassel Shoes  //  Pink faux Mongolian Fur  //   Oversized Turtleneck  //  Drop Waist Skirt 

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