Valentines Day Outfit

January 28, 2016

Man these brutally cold days are torture on outfit pics!  Good thing it's warmed up a bit!  For me, putting together an outfit for Valentines Day is like riding a bike.  If there's pink involved it's gonna be simple! The Blush Moto jacket is getting heavy rotation and for good reason. It goes with just about anything I pair it with.   Adding camo to the Valentines Day outfit to roughen up all the pink gives this outfit a gold star in my book.   I pulled out my trusty hot pink ray ban mirror sunnies too!  How cute is this lips scarf?  I snagged it at the end of last season but I linked to a few others.  

Style tip ~ When mixing prints remember to use a larger print with a smaller print and leopard is always a neutral. 

So I have to tell you guys I recently jumped on the snapchat train.  I wasn't totally sure I wanted to add yet another social media to keep up with.  You can follow me at lisa.murie  anyway, I did and at first had not a clue as to what to do.  Then my son (after laughing at me) gave me a brief tutorial and sent me on my way.  I am sailing along trying to remember to snap things before it's over rather than when it's too late and I get a call from my son telling me to step up my snap game.  He said we were lame!   Lame!!!!  So I am stepping up my game and let me tell ya... it's pretty fun!  Now grant it, I am not snapping every minute of my day like some gals are doing but I at least feel good I am remembering to snap at all!  Do you snapchat? follow me here >> lisa.murie  






Blush Moto Jacket (Sold out) Identical in other color  //  Sandrine Leopard Bag  //  Pink Pumps (Similar)  //  Gem Phone Case  //  Sunnies  //  Lipstick  //  Lips Scarf (Option one, Two) //  Bracelets c/o  //  Watch   //  Graphic Tee  //  Earrings c/o

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