Athleisure wear

February 27, 2018

Ok, I did it!  I jumped on the athleisure wear train!  I slipped into these leggings and realized instantly why so many gals wear them.  Super comfy.... and talk about making you feel pulled together in all the right places.  

exact Leggings  love these  //  Tunic  //  Cuyana Tote  //  BKR bottle  //  Shoes  //

I have to admit, I'm not one to run around in leggings; It's just not me.  Give me a pair of slim fit joggers and I'm happy, but these are pretty fab.  My best friend from high school has a pair  of leggings for every day of the week.  She literally lives in them and she talked me into my first pair.  I love the black on black leopard print of these and now I see now why so many girls wear them all the time.  I think they would great for traveling and with the right longer top or tunic, they could be airport appropriate.  I personally have always dressed for traveling.  You never know who you are going to cross paths with in an airport and while I have never had my luggage lost ( fingers crossed it doesn't happen), being dressed for an occasion rather than a yoga studio feels better to me!   Just saying!! 

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