Wednesdays Wants

February 21, 2018

Happy Wednesday friends!

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Who else besides me has missed Wednesday Wants?   I  am so excited to share the first installment for 2018.  I must be having a thing for bucket bags because all three of these are fabulous.  I want all of them!  That Staud bag is super fun!  I am glad that tie dye is still a "thing" because this cute maxi dress is perfect for a spring day.  On to these shoes..... Now you know I have a thing for leopard.... these Air and Grace sneakers are the best.  I mean really.... they are super casual but yet certainly can take your weekend wear up a notch!!  Can we stop for a minute and imagine this pink dial Michele watch on our arm?  This is feeling like a must have for me.  I love my Michele watch and wear it every day.  I recently have been thinking I would like to switch things up and get a round dial watch.. I think I found it!   

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