Buffalo check and leopard

February 07, 2018

We are half way through the week and I am busy working on my to do list for the weekend! Do you do that too?  Working thought the week with a list a mile long of things to do over the weekend, only to find there aren't enough hours in those priceless two days to accomplish it all.  It's good to have projects and with a new house I have plenty! 

An all time favorite for me, pattern mixing at its finest!  Who doesn't  love a great check and leopard?  This girl sure does!  Throw in a bell sleeve and this is for sure a favorite combo of mine!  There are girls that love stripes and then there are girls that love ginghams.... I fall in the middle and love them both!  

I have been working on my goals for the year and I am putting plenty of thought into them.  I have realized that you can put a bunch of ideas and dreams on a piece of paper, but without a plan as to how you expect to obtain those goals they are just words.  I want more this year!  More time for me, more travel... more laughter with friends.... and most importantly more thought into my journey.  You see, the last year and moving to Florida, while I thought it broke me, has only made me see just what I am made of.  I am fierce, brave, strong, and determined.  I will continue to seek my toes in the sand, but this time more on my terms and my time.  When the time is right.... my heart will know this time. 

You are stronger.   You are wiser.  Even when it's hard to believe, allow yourself to show up  allow yourself to breathe in all the chaos allow yourself to be here for no matter what happens this is still not last year.  
Morgan Harper Nichols 

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