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February 19, 2018

Happy Monday lovelies!!  It is a great day!  I am so excited to be sharing with you not only my idea of what I think it means to be fierce in midlife, but the ideas of a few thousand other ladies as well! Yes, you read that correctly.  Today is Forever Fierce Day and I have collaborated with 50 other bloggers; who just happen to be fierce sisters!  We all have asked a few friends, neighbors, and even family members to share what they think.  Read all of their stories here #Foreverfierce.  Is midlife the wrong side of 40?  I don't think so, actually I know it's not!  So I am asking you today too... what does being fierce in midlife mean to you? 

Below are the things I have discovered in midlife:

I let go of the drama that people surround themselves with.  I embrace the changes in my body and still rock a bikini.  Gravity is inevitable, but self esteem and pride in your life is priceless. 

Skincare has always been important to me and I continue to take good care of my skin.  Adapting to the changes has just meant adding a few new items! 

Wisdom is grand; with age comes the knowledge that it is sometimes better to observe rather than speak.  Changing my diet has been a huge benefit!  I eat more fruits and vegetables and have cut out processed food.  About 6 years ago I switched up totally and became mostly vegetarian. (With the exception of sushi of course).  So technically it's called pescaterian.  

Happiness is something that you are; a state of mind.  I have been called brave for my journey and I'll take that with my head high!  I was brave, still am actually.  If you read my post, Life Begins at the end of your Comfort Zone then you will see that I may have been down, but I am now back up and empowered!  My passion burns brighter than my fear and I am full of drive and motivation and I won't get in my own way.  Change is always on the horizon and I choose to grow with it.  I will reach again for what is in me.  I will fiercely forge a new path and set out on it - boldly, while making no excuses.  

So, tell me...what does fierce in midlife mean to you?  Click here to join the movement! 

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