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February 10, 2015

It another How To Tuesday and we are talking about colors!!!  Colors can be combined in many different ways. Instead of thinking you should match your colors, think about matching colors that go together.  There are four main ways to coordinate colors that "go" based off of the color wheel.  Below are the four ways illustrated.       


The color wheel is actually really easy to use and can be extremely helpful when it comes to putting together flattering colors. Alternatively, you can create some unlikely, yet intriguing, color combinations for fashion-forward looks. Please note, to pull off these looks one must carry themselves with loads of confidence.  To become a good "Closet Mixologist" you need to understand the basic differences of color relationships. There is a wealth of information the color wheel holds but let's start with the basic guidelines and then you may change them if you want!

 Monochromatic color scheme  (or wearing colors of the same hue) are simple to put together but, when done right, can look very polished and well put together. Take different shades and tones of one color.   Think of ombre pieces as an easy way to incorporate different shades of one color into your outfit.  A monochromatic color scheme will always achieve a complimentary and appealing outfit.  Don't choose two shades of light blues that almost look the same unless held up next to one another.   You want to achieve a visible distinction between the blues.  Textures aren't as important.  Use a neutral shoe and accessories in a contrasting color. 



Complementary color scheme is vibrant and contrasting with colors opposite each other on the color wheel.  This is also know as color opposites.  With bold confidence, and a not for the faint of heart attitude,  these color combinations are attention-grabbing and great color-blocking ensembles.  Always remember to accessorize.  Finish your look with a statement necklace or stack of bracelets that fit in the scheme.


Color Triad is exactly what it sounds like.  Three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel.  This is a lively combination.  It allows you to be adventurous while still playing it safe.  In order to tone down the look, it always helps to choose one color to dominate the outfit and then use the two others as the accents of the outfit. Try choosing one color to dominate your outfit, then accessorize with perhaps a bright bag, or scarf with one or both colors from the triad. 


Analogous Colors is the simplest to achieve.  This is three colors located next to each other on the color wheel.  Pick any one color amongst the three as your main color and accent your outfit with the other two adjacent colors.  This look is very harmonious and creates a pleasing to the eye outfit.


Next week I am sharing with you how to become a Master Mixologist with your wardrobe so you will want to refer back to these illustrations! 

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