The Varsity Sweater

February 19, 2015

When I said last week I wanted a varsity sweater in every color I wasn't joking!  It is such a versatile item and you can dress it business casual like I shared here, or dress it down like below.  Either way it is such a comfy and fun sweater, I just wish the pink wasn't sold out in my size!  

In other news... I am finally at a point where I can start decorating my guest room.  My son finally moved out of it last month and I pretty much have a blank slate.  I won't need to repaint thank heavens, but I do need some ideas for what color scheme I want.  So the fun begins.  Once again I will make colorful pillows.  I am scouring the internet for ideas for rugs, poufs, and decor items.  I have a few things picked out already, but I am holding off until I get a better picture in my mind of the design.  I can't wait to start... I love a good project!  Oh and speaking of projects I started....I have had several people ask when I was sharing my master bedroom.  I will be getting those pictures taken of the room and get them up for you as soon as possible.  

Sweater ~ Jeans ~ Converse shoes ~ Blair Ritchey Bag ~ Bracelets ~ Watch 

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