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February 18, 2015

Last weekend in Kansas City we had phenomenal weather, and I was fortunate enough to spent my afternoon enjoying it down in the River Market.  The River Market event space  with its wide open garage doors lend itself for the perfect venue for an afternoon with friends and flowers. 

Emily, a fellow KC Blogger Meetup board member is also a talented floral designer amongst other things.   The Bloom Academy - an online floral course - is her latest venture.  She offers in addition to her online portion local workshops throughout the year.  Gosh I am glad I am local!   Take a peek at the afternoon of friends and flowers.   

The afternoon was spent with beautiful flowers and beautiful friends.  We mingled and enjoyed sweet bites and beverages.   Emily then  spent the first portion of the class giving instructions, tips, and tricks to beautiful arrangements.  

And then..... she let us loose.  I thought I was pretty good at floral arranging.... but I learned so much more then I ever expected and am so glad I attended and plan on going to more of her workshops.  

You seriously should look into her next class, or sign up to become a member and you receive exclusive details to making your home blossom! 

We received individual time with Emily to answer any questions we may have and to offer any pointers to the arrangements we were creating!  Here is my arrangement.  I'm pretty darn pleased. 

I'm excited to make my next arrangement with all my new tips I learned. 

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