Ice Cream Party

February 24, 2015

Whether you are hosting an ice cream party, or need a fun gift, this basket is full of everything you could possibly need for an Ice Cream social.  Start by picking up a basket at your local Home goods, or of course Target!  Maybe you even have one laying around.   You don't necessarily even need to use a basket.  A colorful plastic tub, or wire basket will work too.  Most everything in the basket can be picked up at Super Target too. 

Shopping list:

A single box sleeve of Oreos
Sugar Cones
Waffle Bowls
Caramel Sauce
Chocolate/Fudge sauce
Maraschino Cherries
Chocolate Chips
Ice Cream Scoop
Ice cream cups


Reeses Peanut butter cups
Malted Milk balls (Whoppers)
Gummy Bears

Fill the bottom of the basket with scrunched up tissue to add a little padding and height to the smaller items.  Start at the back of the basket with the larger boxes and your ice cream cups and work your way forward.  Once you have the larger items in place add the jars of caramel, fudge sauce, sprinkles and cherries.  In cellophane gift bags, place a good amount of candy to be used for the toppings in them and tie them up with a colorful ribbon.  Do the same with your peanuts and chocolate chips.  Start tucking the bags of candies and toppings in the basket around the larger items and jars.   Split the cups into two stacks and place one in each front corner.  Tuck the scoop in you're done.  

This makes a great gift for a pool party, slumber party or how about your block party or holiday Bar-B-Que.  Where ever you decide to take it... rest assured it will be a big hit!  just don't forget the Ice Cream!! 

Scoop yourself up some fun and Enjoy! 

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