Spring Polish

February 23, 2015

I went out on a limb recently.  Well, at least for me it was.  I decided I wanted to have a color on my nails rather than my oh so typical and standard French manicure.  It's always safe and goes with everything.  

What is funny to this story is when I sat down for my usual nail appointment and sat the polish down, he looked at me in confusion and asked what that was for?  When I told him I wanted to paint them he chuckled and said I would not keep it on.  After all, he does do my nails and pretty much knows what I will and wont stand for.   To his surprise I was still wearing it two weeks later.  I have had overlays for over 20 years so the thought of changing is just not something I can wrap my head around.  I am so use to having the strength that the overlay gives my nails I would most undoubtedly not last long with them off.  Trust me, I tried it a time or two only to last less than three days.  I have been eyeing polish colors and have rounded up a few fun and spring colors that maybe... just maybe.... I can branch right on out to!  But if not, I will stick with my current favorite  #6  Teddy Girl by Butter . 

1  Allesandro   2 Ten over Ten   3  Deborah Lipman  4  Julep  5  Burberry   6  Butter    7  Dior   8  Nars Endless Nights  9  Jin Soon  10  Nars   11  Essie

What colors are your favorite?  Could you wear a bold color like #5, #4, and #8?  

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