February 26, 2015

I first stumbled upon O-Venture perusing thru my instagram account.  Something about the bold colors and the small yet bold accent strip grabbed me.  Per usual, I gravitated towards the Tickle me Pink Big O key ring.  I was intrigued to learn how these two mothers and friends came up with such a fun and useful idea. 


Janie and Caroline, the brains behind these beauties brainstormed to see just what exactly would help busy moms and women in general with their daily activities.  The answer was literally right in front of them.  Every single one of us has a set of keys, and sometimes duel sets.  I have my personal keys, and then a set of office keys too.  We are required to carry our office keys and swipe keys when moving through our building.  It really is a must since we have certain locked doors in the building that require a swipe card.  I cannot tell you the number of times myself, or a co worker has set her keys down in a secure room and walked off only to retrace her steps to find them. So,  the idea to carry my keys not only with me, but a place for my swipe cards as well was a perfect match for me and O-Venture!!  The biggest question Janie and Caroline sat down with was "How can we make women's lives easier?"... I think they answered their question with the O-Venture.


The office isn't the only place they come in handy.  With stadiums regulating the size of your bag you carry in, now you may slip your essentials in an Ossential card case.  Available in two sizes.  Below I show you the size difference in the two.  My orange Ossential is able to hold a lipstick, cards and ID, and if you haven't upgraded to the iPhone 6  your 5s will fit in nicely.   My blue Ossential is a great size for business cards at a workshop, or trade show ready at your finger tips to share.   You can carry it on vacation with your keycard and ID, or maybe even a concert.  Joe got tickets for us to see Dave Matthews Band this summer and I will be using my Ossential for sure at the concert.  Both sizes come with a keyring to attach to your Big"O" keyring  and the keyring is valet ready  with a sturdy quick release latch too.  




Ranging in a multitude of colors, there is an O-Venture for everyone's style.  You know I am loving the pink! And that Pocket Cross Body in gold? Ummm yes!!   What is your favorite color?

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